Monday, 30 March 2009

No recession for community spirit

I was at an opening event today for a client, in Suffolk. It was a sunny day and everyone seemed in the mood but I was really taken by how strong the local community seemed to be. One group, an over-60's club, all put on their dinner suits and sang for the crowds, it was a lovely scene.

Sounds sad, I realise, but I doubt whether there will be such groups around in 60 years.

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Media Week article:

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Interesting to see MPs this week jump to the defence of their local papers. Perhaps this has more to do with being worried about their own exposure to voters? Even so, democracy requires local media to call local decision makers to account and unless something is done to save the local media, websites will be the only local source of news in 5 years.

I know a lot of good local journalists, some of whom now face uncertain futures. Everyone should back their local paper, so why not take a moment to buy a copy next time you're out and about.



Salutations friends. As a young Father working in PR, there's a lot that goes on in my head and I thought it was about time I set up a blog.

I hope you enjoy talking to me over the coming months.