Sunday, 26 April 2009

McBride won't face a grilling

PR week is running a story that Damian McBride will be 'hauled before a Parliamentary Select Committee' (

That may well be true but Select Committees, especially on subjects like this, can be reduced to nothing more than Punch and Judy sideshows; with skilled orators able to dance through them with ease.

Campbell was the Master at this, as was Galloway (although his best performance was saved for over the Atlantic).

Whilst many would argue that democracy 'needs' McBride to be held to account, I doubt that will come through Committee. Only an independent review of the Prime Minister's advisers could come close to doing that and this clearly won't happen under Brown's watch.

Be interesting to see how far the Tories push this as Cameron should have noted with caution how easy a 'whiter than white' approach can come unstuck...

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