Monday, 4 May 2009

Crunch time for Brown

Gordon Brown needs to regain control of his party before Summer recess, or he will not make Christmas. The dissenting voices are now into the realms of embarrassment and when you have Blears and Harman putting you down in public, it really is game over.

Although, as WRM says in the Times today, Labour may not have the balls to change:

I think they need a safe pair of hands to limit the damage. As a LP voter, I am all too aware that the party will lose the next election but they need to ensure public opinion isn't so badly damaged that they spend the next 3 Parliaments in the wilderness.

Sadly for Gordon, a seemingly intelligent man, that means relating to public perception - something all the Brains in Britain can't buy. That is the PM's major failing, a poor ability to judge and guess the public mood. Thus he is left to react to events whilst never truly being in control of the political or news agenda.

It should be an interesting month ahead.

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