Tuesday, 16 June 2009

The time I met Anthony Blair.

Now, I have never until this day remembered if it was me who put my arm round the PM. I'd like to think it wasn't. (I'm the one immediately to his right, hand rudely in the pocket.)

But, this picture is inconclusive at best. It will forever haunt me.

My old cats, Elmo and Minnie.

Had to get rid of them when we had our baby.

Ragdolls, worth every penny if you want a friendly cat who likes a cuddle. Just be prepared to hoover - a lot!

Bye Space

It was the first of its kind and now, like Friends Reunited, Myspace begins its death march towards obscurity.


Like the barcode battler, sega game gear and pagers, it has fallen victim to Father Time's insatiable appetite for progress.

So, Myspacers, good luck in your GCSEs and see you on Twitter when you've stopped hating the world.

Sunday, 14 June 2009


That's how I feel about the Shalid Malik witchhunt. Now I wouldn't say anything about the publications who are going after him with such vigour, but I do hope this pursuit ends as let's be honest, if he was as bent as the media are saying would Gordo have brought him back into Govenment?


Let's hope the MP in question can stand up to this 'closer inspection' and carry on what was a promising career...we need him to, especially after certain recent election results.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

End Game

The most predictably shocking result in political history looks to be upon us:


The problem now is that dozens of Labour MPs will now not only fear for their seat but will know for certian that they will lose the next election. This will serve to create distracted elected officials, and render the next term of parliament nothing but a lame duck prelude to the election.

This creates a dilemma for the Tories, who in their heart of hearts need another 10 months to prepare for government, as this will allow them to see which way the economy is going and therefore plan their policies accordingly.

Is Labour's best chance therefore to remove Brown, steady the ship with Johnson and try and save a few seats; or, is it to see Brown take down the sinking ship, clear the deadwood and hope the inexperienced Tories don't make a major impact in their first term? This would then allow a new leader (like Milliband) to 'Cameron', Cameron.

It's an interesting theory. But if I were a 30-50 year old Labour MP, I would rather save my re-launch for Opposition, not the last throws of a Government exhausted by over a decade in power.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009


Weaning our little boy is one of the most fun things we've done so far! One thing I do object to though is tasting the food mashed up.Yes it tastes nice but the texture makes me gag!

His favourite food so far is sweet potato - because it's sweet, obviously!

I even admit to reading Annabel Karmel's baby cook book...what has happened to me?!