Monday, 20 July 2009

Back to (modern) reality

I have just arrived back from a relaxing four days in Dumfries, in an old Blacksmith's Cottage which had no television or internet.

It was a back to basics trip, albeit with good company and food; and I can honestly say I didn't miss either...for the first three days! After that, I couldn't wait to check up on my emails, watch the golf highlights etc.

Despite breaking at three days, I do think we all need a break from the electrical prisons we unwittingly build around us. I am going to make such breaks a more regular thing, even in my own household.

Authors for the trip where Joseph O'Neil and Seb Faulkes. It was a good mix, accompanied by a rather more mixed-bag courtesy of my Mother in Law's i-pod...

Sleep wasn't at a premium during the trip, however, as my LO kept waking in the night because they are teething. I don't begrudge waking up though, it just means I need more coffee to function tomorrow.

The virtous circle of a parent...!

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