Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Cable Guy

Andrew Neil's blog reveals that one of the best things about the Lib Dem conference is the almost comic tension between the leader that should have been and the leader that didn't have the bottle to be.

Clegg may be a lame duck but he still reatins enough allies to attempt to distance Vince from the party mainstream. In doing so, he risks alienating the only member of his 'front bench' trusted by voters.

This will be suicide for next year's election and means the piecemeal conversion of former Tory voters will rapdily unravel. Sadly for the Lib Dems they have built their whole ideology on this rather flacky ground instead of solidifying their own ideological base.

I fear Labour may not be the biggest losers in next year's election. Not in terms of votes but ideological ground. The irony of this is that the last ten years have been a golden opportunity to build this intellectual momentum, not sacking leaders and prostituting for cheap council election votes.

You pays your money you take your choice.


  1. Come on Jon, it is the Tories' conference right now, and where is your scoop? Surely a man with your connections must have the inside track on Dave?

  2. Sadly James I don't think there is a scoop to be had this year...