Friday, 6 November 2009

Nadine Dorries and Kerry McCarthy need less haste

The Daily Mirror story about a Tory MP accused of slapping the bottom of a female Labour MP has dragged two of Westminster's most prominent tweeters into the gutter.

Both @NadineDorriesMP and @kerrymp have begun a series of 'tit for tat' tweets, with further accusations of indecency and unproffessional conduct by MPs on both sides, flying around faster than a second home allowance.

My plea to both these MPs is please take a breath and not let the election play out in such a childish way - it will only turn off voters at a time when we need to build trust.

Both MPs should be applauded for their use of twitter and promoting open politics but please - there must be standards, even online.

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  1. Good one Jon. You should post this on one of the political blogs. Highlight the story and get some traffic as a result.