Monday, 9 November 2009

The Sun: Prime Minister refused to apologise to dead soldier's mother

James Murdoch is trying to restore The Sun's fearsome political reputation and Gordon Brown is the victim. Rupert Murdoch, a quasi-ally and fan of the Prime Minister, would never have sought to vilify him in the way The Sun did today.

The story over the mis-spelt letter to the deceased soldier's mother is one of the most personal attacks on a British PM in living memory and is set to get worse tomorrow - when the Sun publishes a transcript of the PM's call with the mother, claiming he didn't say sorry.

Make no mistake, this is James Murdoch seeking to destroy the PM and reimpose The Sun's reputation as the paper of influence. And that's why his Father is happy to support the move, as it's an aggressive strategy in line with how News International aims to survive the changing media landscape - with ruthless aggression.

This is further evident by Rupert Murdoch's threat that he may sue the BBC over plagiarism of content:

Tough times for Gordon Brown and make or break time for News International. I know who I'd back to survive...

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