Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Gordon Brown to call snap election

After months of being hammered in the polls there is evidence that the vote is returning to Labour with the latest poll showing a 9% Tory lead. http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2009/dec/14/tory-lead-nine-points-guardian-icm-poll

This is no surprise as mid term voters are more likely to protest against the government, with polls in between notoriously unreliable as lead identifiers for elections.

The big problem facing the Conservatives is the low key response from George Osborne and David Cameron to the Pre Budget Report. It has left voters, many of whom are unhappy with the Government, unsure as to what the opposition stands for.

Here in my local constituency we have had 3 recent glossy Tory pamphlets, with non from any other party.

This is evidence that although the Tories are awash with money, they have in many ways been fighting a campaign alone for 12 months and this means voters can become bored, to put it simplistically.

So the odds are Gordon Brown will go for a March election to try and capitalise on the small momentum Labour's core voters can create by returning to the fold.

This would greatly reduce the odds of a hung parliament and this narrative is one you can expect to see more of in the media over the coming weeks.

I will be speaking to my former employer's office in the red corner over the coming days, so hope to get a further insight then.

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