Sunday, 13 December 2009

Scientists unveil formula for perfect parking...but Vauxhall Motors story was released by Esure just months earlier

Textbook piece of Christmas PR from the Vauxhall motors PR team today. Their story about scientists finding a formula for perfect parking is a tried and tested recipe for coverage but, excuse the pun, there's clearly no need to re-invent the wheel with a story like this.

Third party scientific research? Check. Survey showing regional divides? Check. An issue most Sunday newspaper readers can identify with? Check. Add in bylined quotes from the brand and you have a great story, well executed.

But, however, I'm sure I've seen this exact story before? Oh, yes, I have:

So as well executed as the story is I'm sure Esure won't be as complimentary of Vauxhall Motors as I've been. Well, let's face it, they probably nicked the idea off someone else seems Flat Earth News really does travel!