Saturday, 4 September 2010

Sunday Mirror to run 'Wayne Rooney 'vice girl' exclusive'?

Rumours have it on Twitter that the Sunday Mirror is running a new story on Wayne Rooney regarding a 'vice girl'.

What this means for one of Britian's most lucrative brands, we will have to wait and see. (Personally, I think it means the Labour Leadership battle is again off the front pages and you'll find candidates cursing the rumours as we speak!)

Seriously though, the response from the Rooney camp to the rumours - as that's all they are as I write this - will be interesting as Steven Gerrard was recently forced to issue a public statement in the face of similar rumours.

But do the public still have an appetite for these stories? I'm afraid so, sad as it may be - Sunday Mirror sales will already jump on the back of Twitter buzz.


  1. not in the 1st edition

  2. Oh we do have an appetite for salacious stories of the rich and famous. Especially where it concerns a potato-headed moron and a pig-in-knickers.