Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Andy Gray sacked by Sky

Andy Gray was today sacked by Sky after acting as anchor for their coverage since 1992.

To say that there was no way back from his comments on womens' ability to officiate at football matches is, however, incorrect.

Gray faced a media storm, especially as it enabled opponents of Sky to give them a kicking. His comments were crude and represented the 'old boys' club' - the antithesis of the generation of family viewers Sky Sports is looking to attract.

Despite this, I think Gray's job could have been saved. Ricard Keys' immediate on the record denial was stupid, and the silence that followed was filled with the views of Karen Brady and journalists criticising Gray. If Andy Gray had shown a genuine remorse and met the official he criticised in person, he could have begun to publicly repair his reputation by admitting he was wrong and showing a willingness to change.

A visit to an anti-discrimination charity, an open letter on the Sky website - there was a myriad of options available to begin the healing process and to show some public humility.

Perhaps, in the end, Andy Gray was a victim of a position where he is asked to always stick by his opinion. Or, perhaps bosses looked over his shoulder, saw the fresh face of Jamie Redknapp and decided the time was right.

If you're interested, Andy, then I'm sure Jamie can recommend a good holiday company.

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