Sunday, 13 February 2011

The face of the Big Society

In answer to my previous post, we now have a face for the Big Society and classic case studies from north and south but the question remains - will voters care about these groups? If so then they could become Cameron's super-advocates. I am still sceptical about the first batch, however, and bet No.10 is still desperately seeking that 'golden ticket' example of the Big Society which it craves.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

How big can the Big Society be?

There's been lots of noise this week on the perceived crisis of the 'Big Society' programme.

Labour Councillors are refusing to play ball after public sector cuts, none more so than in Liverpool - an eerie reminder of the problem Tory-led Governments face when Labour are in power on Merseyside:

As a concept, the Big Society doesn't resonate easy with ordinary voters - this is illustrated by a recent poll which found that two thirds of the public were 'baffled' by the policy:

Phillip Blond isn't universally loved by Conservatives but he's honest enough about the challenges faced by policy makers at Number 10. What Cameron needs, at the very least, is some great case studies - the cornerstone of successful PR in policy.

Blair had his mums and cute babies, the ambassadors of Sure Start - a powerful image which people truly embraced. What image can get the Big Society idea across?

I'm not for one second advocating PR over policy. My point is that you need to consider how to translate policies into the vernacular and policies that fail this test usually falter.

It'll be interesting to see what if this decline can be reversed but I'm doubtful the Coalition know exactly how to sell this idea and until they do expect further councils to follow Liverpool's example.