Tuesday, 26 July 2011

George Osborne's Murdoch links exposed

Big news today that we're supposed to be shocked about the relationship between the Chancellor and News International.

This is, of course, nonsense. Under the communications direction of Alastair Campbell Labour went as far as the other side of the world to woo the proprietor and his family and just as with the MPs' expenses scandal it is just a case of who is sitting at the chair when the music stops and the hacking scandal was exposed.

What is more of interest is how the sharks are circling and jostling for influence, sensing a weakened News International grasp over the political classes.This has resulted in a more hostile 'right wing' press putting pressure on the Government, undoubtedly jockeying to replace the fallen king Rupert.

The Mail has steadily ramped up its anti-Government output in the past few weeks since the hacking story exploded. Today, the Chancellor felt its razor sharp bite and this is on the back of the 'where is the PM?' rhetoric of last week before PMQs and the statement to the House.

The Telegraph too has been quick to out pressure on the PM over the hacking scandal and BSkyB bid and this has meant that the Prime Minister has seen friends disappear faster than Rebekah Brooks in front of a select committee.

Of course, you can argue that Paul Dacre has been the quiet Kingmaker all along. Gordon Brown certainly thought so but with the Daily Mirror now launching its own hacking investigation the chances of the Mail being undisputed after twelve rounds grow stronger by the day.

But a day is a long time with this hacking story.

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