Monday, 24 October 2011

EU referendum vote will merely alienate voters

Tonight's debate and vote in the Commons on holding an EU referendum was terrific fun, showing the first big rebellion of David Cameron's  leadership and causing Government aides to resign.

That is of course, however, if you belong to the chattering classes and enjoy the Commons as an intellectual Albert Square. Which makes me wonder who George Osborne would be - Ian Beale? - but I digress.

Most normal voters, the type belonging to families looking for work after unemployment figures reached a 17 year high, simply do not care about this parliamentary posturing over an issue which while always controversial, isn't a priority for them.

I don't need stats to back this up, it is something I hear listening to communities around Britain and from speaking to friends and relatives more distant to Westminster. I tweeted as such before and received lots of comments from people I don't know, passionate in their condemnation of the political arrogance of those daring to indulge in a five hour cock fight while the country collapses around them.

I completely take the point that the Eurozone crisis is the next big economic threat but as Britain isn't part of the Euro, acting all little Britain now just paints both sides of the debate as arrogant, no wonder the French are hacked off.

It's about time the Commons was as busy for a five hour debate on utility prices, jobs, inflation or something that really matters to everyday voters.

Otherwise politicians are simply spitting in the wind and wondering why they are wet in the polls.

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