Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Samantha Brick is attractive - to the Mail Online

Journalist Samantha Brick wrote a piece for Daily Mail Online today claiming women hate her 'for being this beautiful'.

What another piece of genius from the Mail Online.

Complete and utter link-bait, in fact they can have another one here. 

The Mail Online differs from its print sister in that it focuses on a constant stream of celebrity stories-and very revealing photographs- that provide a quick gossip hit for (mainly) women across the UK but also in America where it is now frequently drawing traffic, to the extent that it is now bigger than the BBC news website.

It shares its DNA with old Sunday lifestyle magazines such as Femail, of course, and Fabulous and it puts entertainment at the top of its agenda. Its politics remains Conservative, a one stop shop to find Britain has gone to the dogs - yet it is executed in a way that this feels secondary to the mass of consumer friendly entertainment it produces on an hourly basis.

The left hate it but love to link to it. Its columnists find themselves trending because no publicity is bad publicity and advertisers flock to it. 

If you work in consumer PR you can't ignore the Mail Online is often the best place to break a story as it understands how integrated content can make a better online story, it offers the full package.

So here's to Samantha Brick and her latest round of 'is she for real' controversy. You've earned every penny of your French retreat -  I look forward to disagreeing with you sometime soon and providing more links to help the Mail's digital advertising rates.