Monday, 11 June 2012

Charlize Theron in front page wrap of Sunday Telegraph

A funny thing happened when I went to the newsagents on Sunday. I was looking for the headline in the Sunday Telegraph but I could only see the heavily airbrushed glistening skin of Charlize Theron, the actress I had seen the previous day in Prometheus.

The reason was that, for the first time ever, The Sunday Telegraph had allowed Dior to wrap its front cover to promote a new watch.

This struck me as odd and more Metro than a quality Sunday broadsheet.

Money, as ever, talks, and it seems as though the Sunday Telegraph's marketing team have been able to convince that the revenue from this is a price worth paying.

To my mind it seems less innovative and more desperate, there must be a high element of risk associated with such a move.

I'll be interested to see how sales fared on Sunday and whether the Telegraph received sufficient revenue and positive feedback to make this a more regular feature.

I suspect not.

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