Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Facebook is here to stay as trust in the channel increases

According to the latest corporate social responsibility report from Havas PR, communities are increasingly using Facebook as a source of local news, and the channel is gaining trust.

This means that despite the recent talk of Ello taking over, Facebook users in the UK aren't showing signs of abandoning it anytime soon. In fact, nine out of ten people claim they'll still be using the channel in two years' time.

I believe that although the results are good for the long term ambitions of Facebook/social media, it reflects the move to an older demographic and an increase in local community pages. Rather than compete with this, newspapers can take advantage through setting up strong and engaged pages which direct people to their site and paper.

The level of trust in local media for the second year running is a big selling point, and their advertisers would do well to notice it, in my humble opinion.

Check out the video for the full report.