Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Swindon Town shun media for Fanzai app

Credit: Jack Tanner

This caught my eye in today's Press Gazette - Swindon Town allegedly shunning local media in preference of club controlled output on a new app called 'Fanzai' (the club has denied this).

It's interesting as more and more regional sports teams are facing an increased demand for digital content, and smaller clubs simply don't have the resource to facilitate it beyond regular match day arrangements. 

This is why the idea of outsourcing becomes attractive.

Yet the chap in the Press Gazette piece called the move 'sanitised PR', I'd disagree with that. It's content marketing, pure and simple. If anything, it is bad PR, if true.

PR values the relationships between an organisation and its audiences, so while there will always be bust-ups and differences of opinion, ultimately relationships endure for the benefit of fans, the community and the wider audience.

Messages in content marketing are obviously more controlled and commercial, yet usually work in tandem with a PR operation. If you cut this out and lose the third party access and reporting, it will water down what's produced in-house via the erosion of trust.

I'll be checking out the Swindon app, it might turn out to be a test case.

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